Smart Security Solutions

Smart Door Lock

  • Stainless Steel Material,
  • You can send temporary password to your guest or your family to unlock your door. Track dates and times at which visitors enter your home.
  • Greater visibility on access logs brings you peace of mind.
  • Unlock your door via voice command or with mobile app.

Home Security

  • Affordable Home and Office Security. 
  • Notify your mobile phone for alerts. Real time monitoring closed/open start of door, safe, cabinet, drawers or window.
  • Double reed switch design. Support anti-dismantle alarm.
  • Support sound and flash alarm, alarm sound up to 95dB/m.
  • Standby battery can last for 12 hours after cutting off AC power.
  • 4 Multi-functional buttons : one key arm, disarm, arm (home) and built in SOS function